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Nicolaus Copernicus said, "Of all things visible, the highest is the heaven of the Fixed Stars."

Do you know why he said this?

For thousands of years the world's greatest mystics, magicians & mages have used the power of 'Fixed Stars' to greatly benefit their lives, and their family's lives, in incredible ways.

  • Building and maintaining a stable material life that lasted for generations
  • Achieving the greatest spiritual depths and living out purpose with direct stellar guidance and insights
  • Protection from harm in both the physical and etheric realms
  • Drawing more peace, love, and harmony into the life
  • Increasing creative thought and fortitude for skill-mastery
  • Becoming noticed and being rewarded for talents, abilities, and efforts
  • And much more…

Fixed Star magic has been done since before even the time of Hellenistic Astrology’s emergence when our oldest ancestors around the world would time their agricultural and religious activities by the movements of the Stars and Moon.

Even the original astrology of the Babylonians was Stellar and Lunar based before they shifted to a Solar-Planetary based astrology in the Neo-Babylonian period. The Egyptians, ancient Incas, Northern-European Celts, Chinese, Aboriginals, Native Americans, and countless other cultures were engaging with the stars.

More than just predicting the future or making aphorisms, the Stars and Moon were the luminous guides of daily life, connecting our stellar spirits back to our earthly paradise. From agricultural to religious calendars to magic itself--the Stars and Moon have been the central locus of the most ancient and primal of creative human and more-than-human life.

Recorded live as the Moon darkened and was primed for sorcerous acts, during the halfway mark between the Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice, I was joined by more than 200 stellar devotees in learning how to reorient their lives by creating a magical praxis with our most ancient of partners: the stellar night sky.

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If you’ve ever felt the magic of the stars calling to you as you gaze into the sky…

If you’ve ever wanted a consistent presence of their magic in your life…

If you want to tap into the magic of ancestors around the globe, the magic of stellar-terrestrial relationships…

Gain instant access and join the 200+ other star lovers and budding magicians in learning how to utilize Fixed Star Magic!

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In this 3 Hour Workshop You Will Learn...

  • The important philosophical underpinnings of astrological magic with the stars--empowering yourself to critically think about astrological magic and its possibilities, by explaining the WHY behind the rules

  • How to start a basic devotional practice and build it into something completely unique to your personal relationship with a star

  • Selecting stars that work well with your overall life goals and personal chart

  • The basics of classic Arabic/Renaissance Fixed Star magical elections--and why it’s a good idea to plan ahead

  • The basics of classic Arabic/Renaissance Fixed Star magical elections--and why it’s a good idea to plan ahead

  • Fixed Star correspondences -- going beyond what you find in a book and digging into your local sphere of divine stone and green peoples eager to be in relation with you

  • What can I create as a magically charged item? Getting co-creative with your star relations to make surprising and powerful magic

  • The Order of Operations -- how do we use the precious limited time of an election to our advantage, and what is absolutely critical to complete in that window

  • Varying the translator of light--ideas for doing Fixed Star elections using planets in addition to the Moon to translate the light of the stars

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • About This Class, Additional Resources

  • 2

    Live Workshop

    • October 2021 Under the Spell of the Fixed Stars Live Workshop Recording (video)

    • Workshop Slides PDF

  • 3

    Bonus Material

    • Fixed Star Devotion/Veneration Guide PDF

    • Beginning Planetary Devotion/Veneration Guide PDF

    • Pre-Contact Assessment Tarot Spread PDF

    • The Celestial Bridge Devotional Tarot Spread PDF

    • Writing Hymns and Invocations (video)

    • Writing Hymns and Invocations PDF (slides)

    • Learning About the Moon in Astrology (video)

    • Learning About the Moon PDF (slides)

    • Moon Phases Demonstration (video)

    • Basic Waxing and Waning Moon Rites PDF

    • Behenian Stars Resource Guide PDF

    • Non-Behenian Stars Resource Guide PDF

    • Basic Sigil Making Guide PDF

    • Example Fixed Star Magic Elections 2022 PDF

    • 2020 Fixed Star Astrological MagicCase Study - Algol - PDF

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