Are You A Spiritual Seeker Looking for Personal Guidance Towards the Best Path For You?

  • This is the year that you're serious about starting a spiritual or magical practice, and you're looking for personal indicators of what path to take

  • Maybe you've tried certain spiritual traditions or magical practices, and nothing felt 'right' or garnered the results you were seeking...

  • Perhaps you've been led to believe that you weren't cut out for living a spiritual path or having a magical praxis; that you are not “special” in that way...

  • Or, maybe you want to confirm your current path and praxis, deepening the connection you feel with the wondrous more-than-human world...

May I be candid and direct with you?

In my astrology practice (1000+ one-to-one chart readings), I’ve heard every dream, hope, worry, frustration, and despair over the last couple of years…

And I’m here to tell you that everyone has a spiritual and magical birthright.

Yes, even if it’s not clear to you now: you are magical and capable of great spiritual depths.

In fact, when it’s the right fit, a spiritual path and magical practice chooses YOU.

Many of us arrive there after a meandering and exhausting journey through a labyrinth of discovering what resonates and connects with us.

Some of us find our way quickly.

While others struggle with uncertainty and confusion.

But, can I share something with you that I’ve shared with my clients?

There are lamps along the way of this labyrinth, trying to show you the best turns… if you know what you’re looking for.

And once you find these lamps for yourself, your journey into a magical life is far easier and infinitely more nourishing, rooting you deep into a rewarding life.

Instead of stumbling around in the darkness of uncertainty, your perfect path lights up as if guided by your own personal family of fireflies.

The Natal Chart: A Guide Through the Labyrinth of Spiritual and Magical Discovery

There are few things I am absolutely certain of in life. But, one thing I know from the depths of my being is this: we’re each born with special spiritual and magical gifts, latent and waiting for our attention…

And your astrological chart points the way!

In fact, your entire chart tells the story of what will spiritually nurture and fortify you, and what type of magic is calling out for you, waiting for you.

I’ve invested years of my life into research, personal praxis, and over 1000 one-to-one astrological chart readings as a professional. From this deep well-spring of experience I have devised a unique method for identifying the spiritual-leanings and magical potential of your chart.

At the heart, what I have discovered is that each house of a natal chart has a spiritual and magical gift. And, that, depending on your chart, specific houses will be easier to access and lean into than others.

In fact, most of us are already tapping into those gifts, but are often completely unaware!

I have so much more to share on this subject and this isn’t something I can write in a post.

So, if you can find the time to sit and spend a lovely evening with me, I would love to share with you everything I have learned about The Spiritual Magic of the Natal Chart.

Together, we will explore this Magic of your natal chart, house by house, in a way that is both practical and exciting.

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Join 250+ spiritual seekers in discovering the magical map of destiny hidden in the natal chart

Connection with the Pneuma Animating Our Wondrous World

My goal in this workshop is to awaken you to the fact that YOUR chart is just as spiritual and magical as the chart of anyone else–and in fact, our entire world is spiritual and magical. Magic is the inherent divine celestial spark that animates every atom in our universe–the living pneuma that connects us all. You can become aware of, and in direct relationship with that spark found in every corner of creation. It’s your birthright.

Inspired by the past to Empower the Future: The Path Chooses You aims to inspire your spiritual and magical imagination so you can explore what works for YOU.

One important thing I want you to know: While this workshop is inspired and informed by traditional theurgy and classical astrological magic, it is not chained to these indicators alone.

Magic has persisted far before any system of astrology and will exist far after astrology is lost to time. I want to empower you to innovate and make a praxis that is richly satisfying to your precious and unique life.

Let us be inspired (but not chained) by the traditions of the past, so that we can create new and exciting praxis in our contemporary and modern lives!

Ready to uncover your spiritual birthright?

This 3.5 hour workshop will reveal:

  • The traditional spiritual and magical significations of each house in a chart

  • How each planet generally corresponds to the topics of spirituality and magic

  • Assessing planetary dignity to know which house you can spiritually and magically access with the most ease

  • Working with the element of a given house for best results

  • Looking at the Decans for spiritual and magical guidance in your chart

  • Identify places of power that speak to you specifically, using the houses in your chart and their significations

Course curriculum

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    Unedited Original Live Workshop

    • The Path Chooses You, Live Video Recording

    • Slides

    • Transcript of Live Video Recording

Discover the Map For Your Spiritual Journey

Join 250+ spiritual seekers in discovering the magical map of destiny hidden in the natal chart